The history of Jalles Machado S.A. began in the 1980s with the Pró-Álcool(Pro-Ethanol) Program. Families that were already engaged in cattle raising and agriculture in Brazil’s Midwest region came together, seeking to diversify their original activity and provide high returns for their shareholders.

Since the company’s inception, adherence to corporate governance principles has been a constant concern in conducting the Company’s business. Transparent, equal and high-quality information form the basis of our relationship with stakeholders, as recognized by national and international financial markets.

The Otávio Lage Group holds a 51.7% interest in Jalles Machado S.A. and the remaining stake is mostly held by the Kinjo, Morais Ferrari, Jair Lage, Braoios and Lamar families.

Nowadays, Jalles Machado is a unique company. In addition to recurring investments in the expansion of the milling capacity and irrigated land, the production of sugar (white, organic and VHP) and ethanol (anhydrous, hydrated and organic), cogeneration of electricity in the two plants and production of cleaning products and yeast enable the Company to obtain high margins, mitigate risks and create value for its shareholders and society.